Why Work with Sage Projections?



Here’s why:

  1. We’re good. We have a track record of helping companies get to the answers they have about their customers and their competition.
  2. We have a broader perspective. We bring a “been in-the-trenches” experience of having launched and repositioned products. That gives us a better sense on what information is really useful in making decisions.
  3. We can help beyond the research assignment. We like to understand a company’s existing knowledge base. We get involved with the customer issues to make sure the research is asking the right questions of the right people.
  4. Your business will be important to us. We are a small, but experienced firm. Your project does not get delegated; it gets full, senior attention. Plus, our costs don’t reflect the overhead of a larger national or international firm.
  5. We like what we do. We work hard because we find consumer research a source of endless fascination. People are the most interesting subject in the world, and we enjoy the process.



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