Research Needs to Get to Human Understanding

Teenage girl standing in classroom. Doing exercise on blackboard. Side view

Many research companies will give you a bunch of numbers that, really, are abstractions of what is actually happening in your marketplace.

These might be used to justify almost anything, but are not necessarily the way to understand consumer motivation.

We do provide the numbers. Quantitative information provides statistical reliability. It’s very important. You need to get the right sample, and to make sure the analysis reflects the actual marketplace.

However, we believe that to understand your customers, you have to go beyond abstractions. You need to see your customers as people, not numbers.

You need to get a human sense of  how they really feel about a category or product.

This is where we go beyond. Our research is crafted to gain a real understanding of your customers’ perceptions and what is appealing to them.

Going the extra mile is what we do. It’s the result of lessons we’ve learned working directly with hundreds of product and service categories.